CURRENT - 2014
In April 2014, we have just marked and celebrated the milestone of 5 years in operations. We would like take this special occasion to sincerely express our gratefulness and big thanks Phil and Julie Colbert, Ian and Julie Cargill, Gerald Sages, Gerald Samson, Ron & Barb Cockroft, the Boucher’s & Chris, Margot & Rhonda, Lee-Ann & Bryan, Kerry & Glenn, Tony & Denise, Graeme & Sally, Ann, Gavin, Dennis, Sam…, our returned clients from Australia, U.K, Canada, and U.S, and many other distinguished clients from across the world for your ongoing support and recommendation Water Buffalo Tours (WBT) to your family and friends

Please be updated that we have decided to stick to our original strategy which has only focused on private and customize tours throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. WBT is still a small tour operator with not more than 10 staff, including our guides, staff, and I. In fact, it has been very hard for us to resist the benefit from becoming a bigger tour operator and from doing group tours. However, that may come with certain risks and we may not be able to control our service quality. In the last two years, we have actually narrowed down the scope of our destinations and have prioritized the private day tours and some short tours in Mekong Delta, Saigon, and in the southern parts of Vietnam where we are really good at! Still, we have well maintained our packaged tours, from two weeks to one month, throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. And that has been enough to stretch us to our limit quite often in 2013 and early 2014. In other words, for this year a few years ahead we will continue refining our products and lifting up our service to another level instead of expanding and growing bigger!!!

And please be updated on our profile;

According to some Asian countries’ lunar calendar, 2009 is the year of water buffalo and here we come with our official website! The very first Indochina online premium travel services have come with our passion for unique, personalized and unparalleled itineraries and service quality.  And our only marketing tool is the words of mouth! We really appreciate the recommendation and reference of travellers who used our services. Also, we extend our thanks and warmly welcome back our special clients, the Viet Kieu, the GIs, and the Diggers, who have kept on supporting us

The idea to set up an online premium travel service has been pregnant years ago as I have been around the industry since 1994. Starting as a tour guide and then became a Tour Guide Manager for an Australian-run travel company named Travel Indochina for few more years before calling Australia home from 2000 to 2005. The passion for the travel industry has always seemed to be irresistible to me! I got back to Saigon and resumed my position in 2006 with Travel Indochina and by somehow I ended up to be the Operations Manager for a locally-run travel company since early 2008.

In 2008, I designed and led a day tour down to the Mekong Delta for a Canadian couple from Toronto and an Aussie guy from Melbourne. As usual, I avoided the tourist traps by taking a rural route, not the Highway 1, passing the villages of Can Giuoc, Can Duoc and Go Cong. We took a stunning short bike ride crossing the paddy fields lined with coconut palms located in the remote villages of Tan Hoa and Tan Thanh. The stories of the water buffalo popped up when we stopped and took a few photos of them wandering along our route. I told the three some stories of how I grew up looking after my family’s four water buffalos. They enjoyed the stories very much and bombarded me with many questions about the water buffalo. Understandably, the questions were too easy for me! We then headed to My Tho for a pleasant boat ride to Ben Tre. On the way back to Saigon, they brainstormed me with an unforgettable question which I almost got stuck, “Why do people call it water buffalo? What is the difference between the buffalo and the water buffalo”. I came up with some explanations of how hardworking, smart and loyal the water buffalos are, how much they mean to the farmers, how much they love the water and how fast they are in the water. One can easily cross the mighty Mekong River on the back of a water buffalo. The stories really excited the three and on the way back to Saigon they kept urging me to start a small travel agent with unique tours which are similar to the tour they are taking and the tour that tourists can have a ride on a water buffalo and to swim crossing the Mekong River. Unique tours are the words that have stayed with me every day ever since

Company Official Name: Chau Tho Travel Joint Stock Corporation
Short Name: CHAU THO., JSC
Vietnamese Name: CONG TY CP-DL CHAU THO
International Tour Operation License: 79-060/2010/TCDL-GP-LHQT Issued by V.N.A.T (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism).
Tax Code Number: 0309530771
Phone:  +84 972 977 778